Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Lesson In Brand Marketing

You have successfully branded your product and are probably a millionaire if anyone can name your company when your product is face down on the ground.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a long winded weekend

so yeah. had no real plans this passing memorial weekend but somehow ended up spending the entire day and night with kate hudson. go figure. my only wish was that i had a photograph to capture one of the moments of that day. honestly, i think she's had her fill of paparazzi..not that my portraits are paparazzi in any way..i always ask permission, but you have to put yourself in her place for a second. i could feel the tension as we left her apartment to go have lunch. im told up to 8 photographers wait outside to shoot her...they hide in bushes and follow her in's extreme and freaky.

but what a fun fun day we had hanging with her. she's truly amazing. genuine, open, full of light. i left feeling inspired by her coolness. i'll never forget her dancing to Elvis, singing showtunes and her playing DJ all night in her kitchen.

what else...more building photos. i can't help myself. i have a number of fixations and architecture (good or bad) is one of them. a study in color i think.
i once took a painting class in college. the professor said i was monochromatic and my paintings were flat. i dropped the class after he told me this. i did however, get introduced to the beautiful music of Henri Gorecki. (later featured in the movie, Fearless) the professor used to put on public radio and one day i heard gorecki's 3rd symphony for the first time as i painted my monochromatic, flat lifeless rendition of the wine bottle with flowers.

i know this is crazy, but reagan actually seems like a saint compared to the greedy, incompetent, idiot we have in office currently. " fellow americans...what are you going to do about it?" i heard cindy sheehan, the only visible anti-war activist out there these days, is surrendering her fight. she announced yesterday that she is stepping down as spokesperson for the anti-war movement. read full story now what? who else is there to take her place? to be an outspoken voice to get people to act.

I think society is...

1. working too many hours for not enough money and therefore do not have enough time to think about anything else but sustenance.
2. not even in reality as far as the war goes..have you seen a coffin come off a plane from Iraq?? it's kept out of the media.
3. seduced into being a consumer not a producer
4. too busy to care
5. on myspace
6. getting drunk/ drugged and blowing their paycheck
7. watching american idol or any reality show that takes them away from their reality
8. already in the army and is currently serving in iraq.
9. playing playstation.
10. shopping
reaganomics has prevailed!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

9:30AM 9TH AVE & 40TH

a little shooting before my dentist appointment. is it weird that i like going to the dentist? i went in for a root canal and at the end, i told the stonefaced, pursed lipped dentist what i thought of my root canal experience...i said "wow, that was're like an artist or something" and low and behold, that petulant mouth of his gently cracked into a warm smile. i almost fell over when i saw it. what can i say, the man has a special way with novacaine. anyway, some "shots" from 9th avenue.

"um, hello, stop damn it." catching cabs is an artform.
breakfast of champions
add jackhammer sound here
i want a cookie that large

you can be friendly with the meter maids but as you can see, you still get a $65 parking ticket.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

ALON / Singer / Dancer / X-Model

met ALON randomly walking on flatbush ave in brooklyn. he ran over to me because he thought i was his friend jade. yes, the same jade from last season's america's top model. go figure on that one. i wore my jacket hood over my head and apparently jade always wears her hood the very same way i do? this is what he explained to me...something about my posture + the hood effect? anyway, so we started talking and i pretty much got his life story in under 10 minutes and thru a chain link fence. intimacy in nyc takes all forms these days. i enjoyed our collision.

Inside LIU

i thought for sure i was going to get locked into the college by HAL.

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Lovely Portrait of My Bastard Cat cat but by proxy. she's residing with my mother. last i heard she's successfully driving my mother nuts because of her incessant nagging. well, payback is a bitch! i think this photograph captures the essence of her neurosis. she needs therapy.

The Last of The Old School Diners // Andrews Coffee Shop

they have the best turkey burgers here. sour pickles and juicy turkey burgers. as you can see, it feels like old new york from the outside. this particular one closed down i believe. i took this with my old 1970s yashicamat 124g medium format. film!


it's blue. kingston, ny

Molly The Manniquin

quickly rising to fame, i took her in after purchasing her off the street in soho. she cost a wopping 5 dollars 6 years ago. her star is rising....

Sensitive Scorpio

Meet Louis Wells. This boy is going to break little girls' hearts.

"i'm a scorp. i collect trains and enjoy animated dvds." - louis

Can't you tell? Such a player!


me and niko.

The Birthday Gift

my birthday was on april 30th. my RAD sister-in-law gave me this really gorgeous MARIPOL print which i had framed. Maripol was mainly known for her nightlife polaroids taken in the early 80s in nyc. i may have to upgrade the apartment to hang this piece. The grace of Grace Jones.

Androgynous Anglophile at The Annex

meet kat.