Sunday, April 26, 2009


Restless. Thinking of change. Sometimes i'm moving so fast i can't feel my life. Tonight i can feel. Only after opening up and expressing something beyond me can i finally feel my life. In this moment, i have gratitude. Being here and being able to express myself through a medium i understand enough to get out of the way for. For being able to make others see themselves in another light. To find beauty in every human being...maybe the very same beauty im waiting to discover in myself.

I think of my mother. I think about whether im a good daughter. If im a good friend. A good lover. A good person. If im on the right track. If im too hard on myself. If im too critical. If im impossible. If i haven't contributed. If I haven't made a difference.

If only for this moment..i am free and i'm made of everything.