Saturday, March 14, 2009


i recently shot off the rest of what was left on an old disposable camera i found from 2005/2006. it expired 2006 so im guessing anywhere before 2006. there is a clear difference in digital/film. seeing these reminds me of what film photography can achieve even from a crumby expired disposable.
soft, emotional, intriguing and otherworldly...i think digital struggles to find that sensitivity even when retouched. there is an atmosphere, dimension and softness that film has in its pure untouched form that digital tries so hard to be but cannot...yet?

a lot of my club photography in 2001-2003 was done using disposable cameras due to the fact i was broke. strangely enough i think those early years of using disp cameras helped define my style.

the disposable years: 2001-2003