Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mary J. Blige is my new favorite person

Last friday i had to shoot Mary J. Blige at the SIRIUS Satellite radio studios. She performed a live show on the radio for one hour. I was completely floored by this woman. Tearing up through the entire show because i felt so much of her emotion. This woman is probably one of the most passionate, energetic, honest, dynamic people i've ever seen. She sings COMPLETELY from the heart. The show gave me chills from the sheer power that came out of the studio and at one point she finished off a song with tears rolling down her face. this woman is raw and real. After the performance, i took a few photos of her for our press circuit and she looked at me with these warm, innocent, beautiful eyes. I just said "thank you" and she said "you're welcome" i meant thank you for more than just the photo. I meant it for sharing her soul and good energy with everyone in that room and healing all of us with it. I admire her courage to be vulnerable and to express her pain in a positive way. I would think every artist dreams of having such a positive impact on themselves and on others.

Monday, December 17, 2007

So much to tell..don't know where to start...

first of all...perry's latest cover story..he sent me this and i nearly fell over. it's fucking brilliant. so proud of my bro!
cosmo cover by perry hagopian