Friday, April 6, 2007

Coney Island

so they're making coney island - condo island. it's going to be a new, fresh & clean coney. can i just say, we like the old coney. the seedy, unsafe, washed away colors, rickety rides, coney carnies, riff raffy locals, dirty beachy, scared of the looming closed parachute ride, coney. here's what's left but most likely on it's way out

"warriorrrrrs...come out and plaaaaaaayyy"

jon, local yocal.

hey joey, another local yocal.
here's that "scarey looming parachute ride" i was speaking of...story goes, someone died on that ride back in the day so they closed it down..some say the ghost of the dead parachuter still lingers there.

My New Haircut

cut by wendy kidd
exciting stuff